What the clients say...

Ingrid Mcgregor

I always wondered how it would work considering the limited space I had at home.  However, Drew is very creative and is very smart with how he makes use of the surroundings to provide me a workout platform.  He showed me that it is possible to workout anywhere, even within a small space.  It changed my lifestyle.  I am a lot more active than I used to be and I am growing more confident each day and learning to love myself more in my own skin...

Daniel Batt

Drew is nature's Prozac.  He is energetic, fun, charismatic, very encouraging and supportive.  I have enjoyed the best ever sports massages and patient, bespoke personal training.  Drew is always punctual, flexible and a pleasure to spend time with.

Paul Hewitt

I lead a busy, hectic life as a local government officer.  Since meeting Drew I have learnt to prioritise my health, through focused exercise and careful eating regime.  Drew is a great motivator.  His training techniques have been tailored to my circumstances.  By training me at my own home Drew has helped me to integrate the program into the rhythm of my daily life. 

The equipment that Drew uses is incredibly effective.  As a personal trainer, Drew gets 'into your head’; so that when you are on your own you can hear his voice challenging you, driving you on.

If you want to de-stress, I would recommend an hour of boxing with Drew.

After any session with Drew, I have always felt invigorated both physically and mentally.  Try it and see for yourself!


Jason Mauricio

I've always been a sporadic athlete.  Before I started training with Drew I participated in a few triathlons and 10ks but I lacked the consistency to take my performance to the next level.  With Drew's advice and tailor-made training programmes I achieved a personal best time in the 2008 London Triathlon; all achieved by training at home.  We then went to work getting me prepared to successfully summit Mount Kilimanjaro.  Our next project is designed to strengthen the mental side of exercise.  Drew's functional techniques combined with bespoke training programmes have prepared me for all of the variety of activities I throw myself into.